Matthew Singler Music

Matthew Singler Music

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Ludwig Shells

Bass Drum 16"x20" and 14"x26"

Tom 9"x12"

Floor Tom 14"x14" and 14"x16"

Snare Drums

Ludwig Acrolite 5"x14"

Ludwig Epic Series 6"x14"

Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5"x14"

OCDP Maple 6"x14"

OCDP Maple 5"x13"



Dream Bliss 22" Vintage Bliss Ride

Istanbul 21" Turk Series Jazz Ride

Paiste 21" Signature Series Dark Energy Mark I

Meinl 23” Byzance Medium Ride

Meinl 20” Byzance Extra Dry Thin Hammered Ride


Istanbul 18" Traditional Paper Thin Crash

Paiste 18" Masters Series Dark Crash

Zildjian 17" A Medium Crash

Zildjian 17" A Custom Fast Crash

Sabian 16" AA Medium Thin Crash

Hi Hats

Sabian 14" AAX Studio Hats

Zildjian 14" K Constantinople Hats

Zildjian 13" K Top & Z Custom Dyno Beat Bottom

Paiste 15" Masters Series Dark Hats

Paiste 15” Giant Beat Hats


Roland SPD SX with two PD 7 Triggers, one KD 7 Foot Trigger and one RT-30HR Trigger